Heritage & Zoom, a.s.


Heritage, the legacy that we have been left behind by our ancestors. It is not an inanimate category coming from the darkness of antiquity. The ancestors' legacy is alive and its material and spiritual, cultural and social forms live in our minds, in our conscious and unconscious memory, everywhere. No matter we are aware of that or not, it shapes today's behaviour patterns, co-forms us, sets us into the depth of our roots, into the essence of our being. Without legacy, we would be just beings excluded from the world's swim only shakily rocking through the life without a solid ground.

Reaching us as a voice from the past, it is here, with us; through thick and thin. Past sins bequeath knowledge possessing power to retrieve them and warn us against re-committing them today or tomorrow. The positive legacy, vice versa, is preserved to live with us and inside us. It is our duty to protect, preserve and pass it on to future generations. It is a quantity exceeding the horizon of times, both past and coming. It is family silver that we enrich with the nowadays' best, with belief in good future deeds.

The ancestors' legacy is preserved despite breakups, wars or declines. It neither yields to fashion trends nor is reduced to silence by new technological trends. It is a permanent value whose rate never decreases, so precious in the modern, globalized and constantly speeding, turbulent world. It is a cry for permanent worth that does not corrode in the stream of ages. The cry which feels extremely loud in today's dashing, dynamic times. In such times, when we are more devoted in consumerism manner to a medial image than to a material core; in the days, when craft, skills and performance themselves are not a primary benchmark anymore. We only evaluate its fiscal output instead, which exactly corresponds to the spirit of economic religion. It is the religion promoting a 'necessarily inevitable' economic growth and its pace. It seems as though we were hopelessly stuck in that dramatically accelerating whirl where our lives fly at breakneck speed through a rushing flow. In such a flow where, due to dynamics, we are having less and less time to rest and address ourselves a question about who we are, what our roots are, what we are following, where we are going, what sort of legacy we will leave behind. Keep asking ourselves these questions during the flight through our lives. Do not stop searching for answers. Do not allow ourselves to be drown headlong and resignedly by today's wild stream, let us be strong enough to resist and remain ourselves - at least as much as we can. Do not just live through the life, let us live it! Only then can we enjoy it to be able to follow the legacy and leave something for those coming after.

It does not seem possible for the past legacy in today's life to avoid a serious confrontation with the gallop of today's postmodern period rushing into the future beyond sight. Provided we try to stop in that gallop for a while, let us address ourselves a question, probably too naive though: 'What do we like about the pure enjoyment in driving a classic automobile or motorcycle? Why do we value a trace of craft seen on, e.g. an old leather bag in the world of hypermodern technologies?'

This confrontation necessarily affects us every new day so places us against all the latest trends of dynamically progressing human perception. The cognition, whose subsequent applications brought into practical life facilitates ordinary life through instant access to nearly everything, especially in the sphere of information or while sharing virtual experiences in a comfortable way, from cosiness of our sofa, without any effort or aching muscles, or a shirt soaked in sweat, or bad weather.

The waterfall pouring the mass of new technologies onto us seems to be helpful, to make our life easier at the first sight. Sure enough it saves our time, however, more often than not, we do not realize it consumes it. We unknowingly and completely subconsciously perceive our smart telephone or computer tablet as an inseparable and omnipresent part of solution to a majority of issues and questions. As if it had become a minor, but inherent, essential part of all of us. Everything is immediately accessible upon a few clicks. Without spending some extra time, we suddenly manage to gain a great deal huger amount of knowledge on that endless information motorway than we could some time ago. We are more effective, faster as to taking decisions or gaining information, so we can handle much more than before. However, does this gallop allow us to truly look forward to anything, to experience things personally? Fully and actually? Are we able to find a piece of peaceful and free moment to meditate quietly? Do we enjoy comprehension of how things work, or insight into the craft heart of artefact, a piece of work or machine? Are we able to realize what they consist of, how they work or even better, can we control or drive them?

The ability to suddenly see warm imperfection of a piece of work or things directly touched by a hand when they were created, and to subconsciously ask ourselves if we were able to make them too with a bit of good will and diligence. The awareness about that we would like to own such a thing, to enjoy its simple and pure beauty, and utility value. The value in its durability, a long-life span, no matter it is a bit worn. It is not important whether it is a jewel, painting or the leather bag we know by touch. And, naturally, there is a flood of those amazing modern technological miracles that we badly want to have just because the fact that we have something new. These matters spin around in minds of us - the perceptive.

The human life is a journey. It is up to each of us to decide if our life journey makes sense if it leads to defined goals. The goals that we have established ourselves; the ones we genuinely believe in and we know they are right. They are such goals we want to achieve to fulfil our desires and ideas that spring from our minds, to feel satisfaction we have managed it ourselves. It is so different from chasing after general goals defined by someone else instead of us. Who? Crowds running pass us? The society? Or even we have no idea who. Or even worse: do we aimlessly, passively, resignedly rush with crowds without knowing why, from or where? Do we do that perhaps unknowingly just because all people around us run too? However, such an empty journey lacking enthusiasm, desires and own aims can never bring anybody the valuable life fulfilment.

Therefore, let us search for own, unique formulas to fulfil our own personal, tangible and authentic life goals. Do not do it separately, beyond events and the development around us. Let us perceive the course and the society's drift, yet let us remain we, ourselves. Do not rush nor run unless necessary, or too fast or resignedly as one in a herd with the main stream. There is no need to be completely beyond, be involved. Be a part yet remain independent and selves. Allow ourselves to partly accommodate but resist the madness of this stream pace - at least partially. Not blindly, without thinking. Intentionally. Grasp the steering wheel of our destiny, our life and lead them along our life road in our and unique way. Nay solely and resignedly with crowds that are more and more rushing without knowing why, from and where.

This cry - appeal for distinctive life philosophy, is symbolically fixed in our symbol in the form of a steering wheel with which we wilfully and purposefully steer the direction of our life journey. The journey, on which anybody of us may create one, at least little legacy and leave it for next generations, so be part of a huge mosaic of heritage left by generations, which have been assembled for ages since the birth of civilisation. The mosaic consisting of millions of tiny stones made of human legacies. While taking a snap of that mosaic we should zoom in on them to understand - ZOOM!!!

The Heritage & Zoom is here having ambition to join the past and next worlds, to perceive the legacy of legends, and to be open to new ideas and visions. To believe, that the legends' DNA is genetically coded in everybody. And that it will be so forever.


With respect and humility to art and knowledge of those before us. In belief in the good that we will bequeath.