The Book 

Tatra 603  - I am a woman

Bearing a female name is to my advantage likewise is to every Tatra's. Thanks to this privilege I am instantly somehow different from most cars carrying male names. Therefore, my sex-appeal subconsciously affected drivers back in my days - most of them were males - somehow differently at the very beginning: as a female I am attractive but not like my male rivals. I have unique, sensual, feminine curves that no other car boasts worldwide. My aerodynamic profile cuts through the air resistance as easy as a seductive thought in minds of drivers who would like to have me at least for a while ...

At that moment when my air-cooled heart turns on and eight chambers rumble with their inimitable, deep beat that pierces to the bone, an amazed driver finds himself captured forever. I was a woman at the end of the rainbow for many longing men in the country and the time of my birth, and wanted by those with strongly developed, individual sense and taste behind the Iron Curtain. It is not that easy to control me, but them who once learn how to treat me, they will never abandon ... And since I am a woman they will not find it difficult to excuse my minute vagaries and imperfections once they are presented such a precious opportunity to own me. How come? 

Since I am different. I am SIX-HUNDRED-THREE!